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Version 3 Banner Version 3

Version 3

Made from our custom textile Tope, and inspired by original artwork, our Version 3 collection offered 12 decorative wallet designs to pick from.

Tope represented the moment we graduated from Duct Tape. Still made from Tape? Nope. We now use Tope.

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Stampage Black

Our most traditional wallet (from last season's collection) returns with widespread demand. Robust sheets of black Tope material are silk screened with matte black ink & stitched together with dark threads inside & out. This black-on-black beauty is clean... Read More

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Stampage Brown

We made a Brown version of Stampage to compliment the Black. Feel free to wear brown or black or green or purple shoes while carrying this stunning billfold- it doesn't make a difference as this wallet steals the attention. Wide sheets of black Tope material are silk screened with textured light... Read More

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Ms. Frey Gold

Each season we hand silk screen two hundred wallets with our signature Dammasch print - each set uses a different color palette. This piece of pocket art was hand printed by our printmaker Pluto in NE Portland with brown, cream and shiny gold acrylic paint atop wide wheets of ochre gaffers tape... Read More

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Faith on Juniper

A proud Material Series returning member, our best seller from last season's Version 2. We found a stained & polished wood box at a thrift store in SE Portland years ago. We transferred the old box's rich & textured image onto this new piece of pocket art... Read More

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Portland Clashing

If you have never been to Portland, put it on your list. This waterfront cityscape print is made with pale yellow, stale gray & diarrhea brown shapes. Alex Steckly originally painted this image years ago & we scanned in a portion of his painting to produce this... Read More

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Dark Bark

A textured gray & vibrant green image taken by Steve Steckly as he wandered through crowded woods with a toy camera, the clothes on his back & a need to simply get out. Shooting pictures is medication for some & Dark Bark tells the story of his... Read More

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Lights of Spain

Graeme, Diggles & a few other close friends were taking travel in Europe when db clay was just beginning to take shape back in Portland long ago. This image marks an era of our lives when traveling to Spain on a whim was possible & life was seemingly care free... Read More

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This wallet is ready to soar into the wild blue denim of your back pocket & positively change the way you feel every time you pull it out. Steve Steckly arranged old wing parts from several different birds & made this image for us to print on a wallet. His smooth... Read More

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Heads will turn when this wallet flashes its mysteriously colorful & bold exterior to curious onlookers. Pull it out & you can?t help but look deep into the picture & lose yourself with intrigue as you count the heads & wonder, Where am I? This image was... Read More

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Golden Locks

Yes, we printed hair on a wallet. This brunette is the first piece offered in our up & coming hair collection- blonde, red, black & especially elderly white to follow. Put your comb away & let this beauty fill up your back pocket instead with texture, body & bounce, as it's sure... Read More

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A storm is brewing in Eastern Oregon & fortunately for you, this wallet is waterproof & fearless & dreamy & could care less about the threat of rain. Bright blue & grainy gold photo transferred onto a wallet made from black Tope material, lined with satin... Read More

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Whipping Tail

This wallet galloped its way into our collection because two friends (one living in Portland & visiting the other in New York) began to talk about the condition of their lives on a recent visit. This contrast of animal vs. brick summed up their story better than any: small... Read More

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Ms. Frey Blues

Each season we hand silk screen two hundred wallets with our signature Dammasch print- each set uses a different color pallet. This piece of pocket art was hand printed by our printmaker Pluto in NE Portland with three shades of blue acrylic paint atop... Read More

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