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Version 3.1

The creation of Version 3.1, our 10 year anniversary collection, was inspired by life experiences and original artwork produced by the former faculty at db clay.

The original collection offered 18 chronological designs. Each piece visually told a story from 10 years in the wallet making business, and also life experiences dating back to the late seventies.

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1/18 - I Made It

Me ol' comrade Mr. Graeme Mitchell made this photograph atop a white bed, facing a golden wall split with rich blue curtains. At the time it was crowned (with cold camera in hand), he was "laid inside a pensione in the French Alps... Read More

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2/18 - Adult Chores

My near decade journey leading up to the launch of Version 3.1 has been time intensive and fantastically dynamic. I started hand making wallets back in 1998 and since then my mind has quickly morphed into a big task management system. It has... Read More

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3/18 - Childhood Chores

Speaking of tasks and billfolds, I found me old childhood chores chart (that mom made for me) in a memory box kept in my parent’s basement- I found it on a recent visit you know. I suppose this nostalgic wallet represents the fondly remembered... Read More

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4/18 - Mr. Diggles Razors

Me first met Mr. Diggles (about a hundred years ago) at a restaurant where we worked together. Being polar opposites, we created a mutual curiosity for each other instantly and both eventually defected from said restaurant and incorporated db clay. As a... Read More

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5/18 - Orange Hallways

To sum it all up, I met Graeme (who built this picture) through Mr. Diggles and Tyler is my Brother. We are all one big, stubborn, brotherly family and in most respects, we are all at the point in our lives where we are searching for doors to... Read More

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6/18 - Tan Suns

A lot of the Version 3.1 inventory shines a bright light on my youth. I often reminisce with fondness and affection for the ol' simple days gone, the days being born in a young Wyoming and growing up in a budding Oregon. For lack of a better... Read More

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7/18 - Original Dammasch

I say "Again" because this lynch pin of a wallet has appeared before back in our Version 1 days (it once was long gone) but I had to bring a modified and improved rendition of it back for Version 3.1, as it pretty much summarizes a spiritual transformation realized... Read More

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8/18 - Thrower

We've been building this wallet machine for nearly a decade now and within the last year or so we've brought on a clever young designer who goes by the name Mrs. Courtney Smith- she contributed this floral pattern to our Version 3.1 offering... Read More

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9/18 - Fish and Fur

Halfway through our Version 3.1 collection is a billfold a third of the way covered in sprawling fur… flat, coarse, rodent fur that is being stared at by a stuffed, neon green, white-walled and wood-mounted fish. This vibrant and earthly toned image was reeled... Read More

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10/18 - Stampage Black

I don't think this wallet will ever go away. Black on Black, or "subtle on subtle" as my Dad would say, is about as timeless of a palette as it gets. This wallet is stamped with raised Black ink printed atop robust wide Black sheets of our custom... Read More

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11/18 - Stampage Brown

Eat this brown and black wallet up. Whether you are wearing black or brown or purple or green or red shoes it doesn’t matter as this wallet goes with just about everything, is for everyone and every time you pull it out it has a good chance... Read More

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12/18 - Stampage Gray

Our signature Stampage Series is now available in three colors with Old Gray rounding out the lot next to his sturdy Black and Brown counterparts. I dig all shades of Gray but thought a mid tone was the way to go with this one, this time. Sort of... Read More

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13/18 - Ms. Frey Marble

Ms. Frey, my mentor and savior, is pretty much the only reason I haven't cracked (and lost my marbles) in the last four years. Since meeting her at a Burnside street market back in 2003, she has provided me with counsel, wisdom and level headed guidance... Read More

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14/18 - Lace

Sometimes I want to be a magician and quickly pull a tablecloth out from under dinnerware without disturbing it. Sometimes I just want to be quiet and non magical and sit down to eat by myself. Sometimes I like to go out in groups (I’m from... Read More

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15/18 - Cat Carpet

Flashing back to cats pissing on carpets, I moved from Wyoming to Oregon in the Second Grade. My large family moved into a fixer upper home and my dad, being the detail driven architect that he is, was confident in his ability to transform... Read More

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16/18 - Time to Swim

Pools are more predictable than oceans and thus I prefer to recreate under the water piled inside them. I must admit though that the sea scares me just enough to keep me humble and just enough to keep me close to the shore and just enough... Read More

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17/18 - Grassy

I have many a memory relating to grass. Whether in the form of a stain on my Denim Knees, battling childhood athletic ... Read More

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18/18 - Slow Bugs

The final Version 3.1 story: Mr. Diggles collected all of these bugs (and the one crab) over the course of 2007. The one caveat is that he didn't kill any of these bugs, moreover, they were trapped in our red bricked warehouse and they... Read More

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Ms. Frey Pacific Ms. Frey Pacific

Ms. Frey Pacific

Only 200 Made... Read More

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Ms. Frey Metals Ms. Frey Metals

Ms. Frey Metals

Only 200 Made... Read More

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