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Version 3 Banner Version 3

Version 2

Though still pretty rough and tumble, Version 2 was a vast improvement from our insane Version 1 days.

Still made from Gaffers tape, this collection (in contrast to Version 1), offered smoother texture, newly rounded corners and showcased much better print quality. By far the most superior Version we'd put out to date.

Gray Gray


Wide sheets of gaffers tape stitched together with white and black nylon thread. This billfold feels similar to canvas. Delivered with rounded corners, waterproof nylon lining and sewn... Read More

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Black Black


Matte black gaffers tape sewn together with light gray thread - forming a plain black wallet. Delivered with rounded corners, waterproof nylon lining and sewn white label - all served in a... Read More

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Dammasch Dammasch


Photo transfer onto sheets of gray gaffers tape inspired by linoleum flooring we pulled from an abandoned mental hospital in SW Portland. Several shades of green present the image of Dammasch... Read More

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Faith on Juniper Faith on Juniper

Faith on Juniper

We found a stained and polished wood box at a thrift store in SE Portland. We transferred the old box's rich and textured image onto this new piece of pocket art. The outside feels smooth... Read More

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Great Wall of Vinyl 6-lights-scan

Great Wall of Vinyl

We found a swatch of bamboo wallpaper in the crawlspace of 360 Vinyl in China Town Portland. The resulting image was transferred to matte black gaffers tape to form this unexpectedly soft wallet... Read More

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This Sky This Sky

This Sky

Graeme Mitchell captured this photo that we made into a gaffers tape wallet. This piece of pocket art is constructed from wide sheets of black tape and is stitched together with light blue thread... Read More

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Mad Deer Mad Deer

Mad Deer

Steve Steckly's photograph taken inside a taxidermy shop in SE Portland can now call your pocket home. This wallet offers smooth texture on the outside and a coarse texture on the inside... Read More

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0-msblues-full 6-msblues-scan

Parking Lot

Graeme Mitchell's tree and park bench are printed onto sheets of black gaffers tape and stitched together with bright green thread. This murky image displays the raw film edges. Delivered... Read More

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Life Science 2.0 Life Science 2.0

Life Science 2.0

Mano-Destra's pencil sketch is screen printed with acrylic paint onto our gray gaffers tape canvas then stitched together with black and white nylon thread. The interior is constructed from... Read More

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Orange And Chrome Orange And Chrome

Orange And Chrome

Alex Steckly hand-painted one of our favorite wallets about two million years ago. We took a high resolution scan of the wallet before we sold it off at a Portland Street Market - we wonder who... Read More

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Stampage Black Stampage Black

Stampage Black

This matte black wallet is printed with shiny black paint and is stitched together with light gray thread. This black on black beauty is clean and simple yet capitvating. Delivered with rounded... Read More

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Ms. Frey Green Ms. Frey Green

Ms. Frey Green

Every season we hand silk screen 200 wallets with our signature print - each set using a different colore palette. This piece is printed with three shades of green acrylic paint, stitched with... Read More

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