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Puzzle Looks, Tools and Materials
Left hand

Left hand glove.

Utility blades and missing tape

Sharp utility blades.

Spray cans

Spray cans and airbrush.

Squeegees, or however else you spell 'em

Wood and rubber squeegees.


Rags for cleanup.

Skizzors, plain paper and clear transparencies

Scissors and paper.

Paint brushes and such

Paint brushes and such.

Blank Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Canvas

Blank Gaffers Tape Canvas.

Metal Spatula Thingees

Metal spatula things.

Stencils as well as free hands

Stencils and free hand.

Wrenches and other misc tools

Wrenches and other tools.

Acrylic and other paints

Flexible Acrylic paint.

Foam brushes textures derived from life experiences

Foam and various textures.

Plastic Spatula Thingees

Plastic spatula things.

Right hand

Right hand glove.