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About the Puzzle Gallery

About Puzzle Batch 2

Puzzle Batch 2 is a one-of-kind collection of billfolds that was hand printed & painted, by db clay in Portland. Batch 2 was printed by Alex Steckly. No two wallets in this batch arrive the same & only 500 were freshly made. Each piece is beautifully unique and individually numbered as part of a set. Lined with gold satin nylon and delivered in a gray gift box, picture them as pocket art and happily carry accordingly. Please note: Puzzle Batch 2 is sold out and no longer available.

Puzzle Tools

Puzzle Looks, Tools and Materials

Our second Puzzle collection, Batch 2, was printed in September 2007 by Alex Steckly (his video and bio to the right) in db clay's Portland production facilities. Each Puzzle wallet looks all its own and each is made with a variety of Tools and Materials.

Puzzle Tools

About the Artist

Alex Steckly | Portland, Oregon

We met Alex a long while back when he was just graduating high school, and db clay inc was still in diapers. Early on, Alex was fundamental in db clay's shift toward graphic based imagery being wildly splattered on wallets. Since meeting, both parties have grown individually and Alex has injected his creative resources from time to time, including this hand printed Puzzle Batch 2 collection. Following painting wallets for db clay, he now lives and produces art in SE Portland.

He printed all of the wallets in Batch 2, except numbers # 16, 22, 25, 54, 84, 94, 97, 108, 122, 124, 149, 222, 309, 368, 429, 431, 438, 457, 468, 469, 473, 476, 479, 480, 486, 497, 498, 500; which were printed by Pluto, another talented artist we have worked with in years past.