May 11, 2007

Little Awkward

Sunday the 13th

Letter to Mom
Comedy. During my last visit home (in February), I found this old note I had written to my mom. I think it was during a period of my childhood when my dad was working in Portland, Seattle, or Spokane- I don’t remember where… but I do remember dreading the imminent move. Looking back, I’m glad we moved.

I read this letter out loud to my mom recently, at the wise old age of 27, and we both laughed hard at how far our relationship has come. I can’t believe I actually wrote this, but it was well worth the laugh in hindsight

“Mom, I hate you because you don’t feed me, and don’t let us ever go places, you make us work are buns of, and we have to move. Why doesn’t dad just mail us the mony. Ha!!!!! tell me!!! okay!!!”

Happy Mother’s Day mom. Thanks for feeding me and teaching me how to work hard. My hats off to the rest of the mom’s in my life as well who have positively impacted who I have become.

Garett Croft Stenson



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