January 7, 2009

evil backwards

The Last Minute

Julian Tulips Electro Music db clay

Below, email I got from me buddy Julian (on Monday) to kick start New Year

Happy new year people.

I did another seasonal song for all my buddies.


I assume you will all have a great year.

Julian Tulip’s Licorice
We Pull Up & The Freaks Arrive


Julian’s song is about 2008; I’d like to point out last third of song where he goes into reeling off his friends’ names. About three weeks ago, prior to completion of his song, Julian and I were chatting (near his piano) and we were talking about writing his lyrics for The Last Minute. He told me he’d made 62 new friends this year… I saw them all chicken-scratched in his journal, he free-styled all the names for me on the spot, and then he then told me he’d have the song done and sent out to all his friends in time for 2009. Just in time, fella. Thanks for the well wishes Julian.

2009 is going to be fine…
Sadly, that is my version of free-styling.

Garett Croft Stenson



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