January 5, 2009


Little trees upside down inside lungs

Inside Lungs Garett Stenson db clay

Several weeks back went for walk, took picture of leafless tree, came home, uploaded tree picture into computer, flipped picture upside down using Rotate Canvas 180 Degree tool, and since then, I’ve been trying to figure out what this upside-down-tree-image reminded me of? Hmm? I know I have seen something similar somewhere before… but where? What did the bare tree branches remind me of? What is it?

I know…

Yesterday I was in the backseat of a ride home from Central Oregon- passing more and more leafless trees as I stared out the window. Then, it dawned on me; I remembered the connection and the riddle was solved. When I was a kid learning about human biology in school I vividly remember learning about the inside of lungs. I remember thinking all the images looked like tree branches/root systems. I remember thinking they looked so weird. Images below as example:

Inside Lungs Garett Stenson db clay

Inside Lungs Garett Stenson db clay

Lastly, on the same note, I also remember dad teaching the family and me a lesson about not smoking cigarettes. I remember him intentionally burning (2) pieces of toast, got them soaking wet, folded them in half, put them on plate and told us “this is what your lungs will look like if you smoke…”

Since publishing this tree post (back on January 5), me friend Brittney just emailed and informed me that this upside-down-tree-concept thing I’d had, was not all that original.

Her email to me
“this company is great..Mission Playground…i have a few of their t-shirts…
Mission Playground
anyway..this one came out a few years back and i was reminded of it when i saw your blog today.
hope you had a good holiday :)

Image she attached
Tree T Shirt Upside Down

Coincidentally last night, I was rummaging through me digital archives and I came across the image below. Graeme took this photo on New Years Eve of 06; Tracy, Diggles and Me. Diggles’ shirt appears to have some plant life on/ lung’esque thing going on too.

Tree T Shirt Upside Down

Back to the drawing board…

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