April 8, 2007


Bizarre childhood poem & Easter Eggs!

Easter Poem

I wrote down this poem when I was 9. I honestly can’t remember if I wrote it myself or if I copied it from somewhere- does anyone know? I went through a childhood phase where I went dark for a while. I wrote a few poems about death, I drew some scary pictures, I starting cussing, etc. I don’t remember being evil per se, moreover I was just curious and spiritually discontent and simply, I was a kid. I smiled so big when I found this poem in one of my childhood keepsake boxes. I thought it would be suitable for an Easter tribute- It was stapled together with the green worm illustration below:

I drew this picture to go with my Death Poem. I used my dad’s really nice market set to draw it. Those were the best markers I have ever used- I think he bought them for use during his architecture day job. He’s a great architect and he had all the toys…electric erasers, cool paper, a big desk and oh, quite a marker set.
Inside of Empty Easter Eggs (E.E.E). I already ate the Candy.
Coloring Easter Eggs

Mis-matched tops and bottoms- we have all done it.
Creative Colored Easter Eggs

Plants Brian brought in, they look like rabbit’s feet. I have a feeling these are luckier.
Easter Eggs Hunt

Garett Croft Stenson



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