December 17, 2008

The story of db clay

3 of me favorite things

db clay sharpie clamp bungee wallets

This ol’ circus freak has prolly run a booth at about 700 Billion retail minded shows over the years; exhibiting at international tradeshows, handmade street markets and various events. Me learned a lot, and in doing so, I got a good pretty good routine down for myself and the teams I was working with- Setup, takedown, sales materials prep, travel, etc. I took a weird personal pride in being able to fit an entire 100 sq foot booth display in just one or two suit cases. Why? I wanted to avoid exorbitant freight charges to and from the show, and also, I never wanted deal with union labor handling fees (that exist at most convention center tradeshows). Efficient, cost effective, but more importantly, simple.

In all of the shows I’ve done above, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 items that I couldn’t/can’t live without. 3 things that are a staple in me diet. 3 things that all retail vendors should have on queue at any given time. 3 of me favorite things:
1 Sharpie Markers
2 Utility Clamps
3 Ball Bungees

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