December 11, 2008

Little Awkward

“Lately I dream I’m on fire”

Gary just had carnitas fir lunch with me older pal and younger brother Tyler; yes, by using the adjectives older and younger in the same breath/sentence I am referring to the same person. Tyler, to whom I refer, is wiser in the head yet younger in years than me. He is stoic and I am… well, I will let him describe me. He’d probably use words like erratic and emotional and… well, like I said, I will let him paint my picture as he has spent more time with me (in my life) than anyone else in the world. Meals, work, home, play, childhood sports, adventures, etc. He is a stud and hence the purpose for this post.

Tyler Stenson - Elegant Folk Music - Singer Songwriter

Tyler who was/is one of the original three members of db clay has recently dove off the deep end into his long awaited, and full time music career. A great move indeed though he will be missed at db clay, but, we both certainly know his pretty music was the thing that was meant to fill his brain and warm his heart in the years to come. At the core, he is all things music. I think he gets it from our mom. He’s a nostalgic bastard, he loves wordplay, he is a great poet and I can say with certainty that though not there yet, I have confidence he is going to be world famous someday. I’ve witnessed his music change people and I have confidence he will be singing his heart out when he’s 95 and broken down in a rocking chair somewhere amongst the jaggedly rugged and painted rock hills of central Wyoming. If I am still around, I hope to be swimming in his Olympic size pool and living off his royalties with him…

Check out his website
Listen to a recently recorded rare piano piece As of Late
Most importantly, hire him today and have him play an intimate living room concert for you and some friends… and be sure to pay him well!!! I promise it will be worth it. Hearts will swell, lumps in throats will arrive and smiles breaking out all around for sure. Hire him, serve some wine, light a fire… imagine these songs played in person and prefaced with associated/inspiring life stories.
His booking agent’s email address: (I don’t know HTML code works to make this an actual email link so you better cut and paste it… no hyperlink for you!!!)
Read his lyrics

Tyler Stenson key words/ phrases:
Elegant Folk
Gold Leaves Curl
Dusty and Shiny Cowboy

Garett Croft Stenson



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