December 8, 2008

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Gary’s Search, take I

To recap this past weekend’s events in quick, yet informative fashion, I wanted to try out a concept a bit new to me Blog. Concept being: not only sharing me life experiences through pictures and stories but also through a series of links- probably an absurd amount of links but let’s just call it my own version of City Search… perhaps let’s call it Gary’s Search (until I come up with a better name)?

Thursday Night:
Took Portland Public Transportation downtown to attend Pearl District First Thursday
Had a light dinner at Sushi Ichiban
Checked out the new show up at Upper Playground
Across the street, checked out the Compound Gallery

Worked on me new software development project for about (3) hours at Backspace
Walked over to Stumptown for an early afternoon Double Americano and some more work
Didn’t eat breakfast or lunch but had a nice early dinner at Pause (A Cuban Sandwich to be precise)
Later, went to a pub on Macadam to watch Portland’s 2-time “Singer/Songwriter of the Year” perform
It was beautiful folk music sung by Tyler Stenson as pictured below

Tyler Stenson

Me friend Brittney, a keen photographer (owl shot sampled below), joined me at the show

Tyler Stenson

Had lunch at Por Que No, let’s be honest, they serve the best tacos in Portland
Put on me suit and attended Sum/Deej’s holiday party- they run a store on Mississippi
Hitched a ride downtown to attend a charity toy drive fashion show headlined by me pal’s at Lizard Lounge

Drove to Corvallis to visit me older brother who just had his fourth baby boy
Pictures taken along the highway:

Tyler Stenson

Tyler Stenson

He is an impressive fella: 4 kids, a lovely wife, and he is set to complete his PhD in June
A PhD in physics nonetheless
His Master’s Thesis surrounded representations for understanding The Stern-Gerlauch Effect
He explained to me the concept behind the custom software he is scripting for his PhD
His software application can transform/explain complex physics equations via image generation
For example, two spheres colliding when operating on a set path… there is an equation to describe this, but also an image that can be generated to describe it too – I will let him explain how it works

Tyler Stenson

After having a late afternoon dinner with family, I drove back to Portland to attend the Nine Inch Nails concert being held at the Rose Garden. What a great show, Trent:

Tyler Stenson

Tyler Stenson

Garett Croft Stenson



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