March 13, 2007

The story of db clay

Mr. Diggles, Razors & Stitches.

Xacto blades

Diggles cut his hand while making “duct tape wallets” back in the day. We were getting our “ductbills” stock geared up for a big arts/crafts show (I think it was the Bellevue 6th Street Fair)- near Seattle. We were hand making wallets by the hundreds and at a feverish pace because we thought we were going to sell about $50K worth of them- we weren’t even close. However, no one can say that our lemonade glasses were half empty. They were spilling over so much that Mr. Diggles even sliced his left index finger (really deeply) for the cause because he knew Seattle needed cool wallets & he was working fast as lightning. We were determined. Pictured above are the stitches that were pulled from his non-right knuckle post healing. It was a bad cut and my old girlfriend was hanging out with him when he did it- he claims this was a “self-inflicted ductbills-related” wound…I am still questioning the series of events leading up to his injury. Also pictured above are the razor blades Breeder is currently using to crafts our sleek ductbills.

Safety File Image below was created by Mr. “Right Hand” Diggles himself. I am going to tell this story at his wedding someday- it was comedy. Especially because he spelled “SAFTEY” wrong.

db clay safety file

Garett Croft Stenson



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