November 21, 2008

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Pecha Kucha Volume 5


On Tuesday night a few days prior I walked through North Portland and then took the bus down to South East (Portland). 10th and SE Alder to be precise. Even though I know the address I don’t quite know where I was. All I know is that I was attending an event called Pecha Kucha being held at a tube shaped warehouse with fifty foot ceilings and impressive woodwork doming the onlooking audience.

The theme for the night’s speakers was “discretion.” Seven people gave six minute presentations that included spoken word and projected images on screen. Each image would hold (on screen) for twenty seconds before flashing to the next. This kept the speaker’s cadence in check and it promoted good rhythm with the audience. The speakers were allowed/encouraged to provide their own take and interpretation of the word discretion.

The first group of ladies talked about their venue that hosts musical events at which the crowd is involved and immersed in the music with the band to provide an interactive experience. Another fella talked about a new south waterfront construction development he’s pioneering. His pitch is getting 14 different architects to design whatever type of home they want to build. He showed us the blueprints of these new homes and it is certainly going to be a dynamic neighborhood of 14 totally different homes. Bright colors, some minimalist, one a science fiction tree house and another all glass filled with nothing but stair like formations. Speaking of minimalist, another guy talked about practicing minimalism when tackling music composition. The next guy after him talked about the modern day abandonment of telephone booths. He showed us twenty photographs he’d taken of said booths. The speaker following the phone booth lover compared metaphorically, the similarities between his relationship with his wife as compared to building a bike. There were a few others that I can’t recall.

There was one speaker who stood out to me. The one that caught my ear was the person who spoke about mapping images using algorithms.

Garett Croft Stenson



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