October 26, 2008

The story of db clay

Have you ever seen our wallets before?

In me short and narrow life I have sold wallets from behind a street booth a billion times over. In terms of conversations about wallets (at these booths), I have probably done that a trillion times.

When someone would walk by one of our displays, the colors and/or signage blooming from our booth usually was enough to cause a double take, in which case, I’d ask the question, “Hello, have you ever seen our wallets before?” This simple query often spurred a rapid response and soon, after a few minutes of Portland wallet related dialogue and refined wallet salesmanship, the person would either buy or walk away. Regardless, they heard the name db clay and they saw the product festering table top. We made contact and frankly, that be all that mattered.

For the large-clocked majority of db clay’s life, we have always made our product available at direct retail booths: art/craft fairs, street fairs, warehouse sales, holiday events and the like. Every one we did was different. Every venue unique. Every customer encountered in the scope of our street market base was sovereign, yet, subject to the undeniable tug that derived from the curiosity surrounding a single question… “Have you ever seen our wallets before?”

Images below are from a sample sale we did several years back in a warehouse underneath the east end of a water archway; crammed under the Burnside Bridge:






Garett Croft Stenson



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