October 24, 2008


Kids Day Featuring myDuctbills Kit

In June of 2007, we the wallet making people of db clay, hosted a kids arts and crafts activity day down at the Portland Saturday Market. We had about (50) kids show up and we taught them each how to make their own wallet using our myDuctbills kit. Images below captured the day:

Arts and Crafts
Banner on left, me in foreground, Tyler in background.

Arts and Crafts
Brian’s hands on left.

Arts and Crafts
Me and some kid from Meadow Park having just completed Step 1: folding wallet body in half

Arts and Crafts
Tyler taking over pocket detail. Mom and daughter on the left looking on.

Arts and Crafts
Some kid wanted me to cut out flames for him. I must say, this kid went home with a pretty radical wallet.

Limited quantities of Kit available at (80) Urban Outfitters stores this holiday season. Go pick one up!

Garett Croft Stenson



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