October 21, 2008

The story of db clay

Applying to Tradeshows

When we transitioned from selling our products at street markets to more of an attending wholesale-type-Tradeshows model, we definitely caught ourselves trying to figure out the application process (the application to get accepted into the show). Each show had a different form to fill out, of course, and we soon got quite use to it. Borderline clockwork.

We attended our first Tradeshow in 2005, and at the time we got accepted mostly with imagery, as we had very little tangible product to show. We were way behind. As part of the application process we always sent in some brand/product related shots. Images below are an example of what we’d send. Quality product photography is key… luckily, we knew a good one personally who made our products look juicy. Cheers to Steve Steckly, Portland’s finest product photographer. To accompany Steve’s wallet photos, I always like to compile the messy collages (pictured in the middle) to offset Steve’s clean product photos.

Pool Tradeshow

Pool Tradeshow

Garett Croft Stenson



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