October 20, 2008

The story of db clay

Freight Forwarding, QC, Fulfillment

I always love receiving a fresh shipment of product. It provides a feeling of accomplishment considering most product lines are the result of several months/years of prelim work and several people are involved in the process. I like to see the process go from idea generation, to tech pack formation, to overseas factory visits, to product sampling/discussion, to mold set up, to construction, to completion… shipped and placed on shelves. I’m the type of fella’ who likes to watch “How they make it” type shows on the Discovery Channel. It’s fun to witness the process of creation and work with a team to get something done. Images below outline the series of events surrounding an arrival of inventory:

Line all the boxes up and do a wallet head count

Tyler and me rummaging through boxes

Open up boxes, look at wallets, inspect stitch quality, usually overall good

Pink thread? Was supposed to be Navy Blue… oh well, it doesn’t matter

Tyler numbers all limited edition wallets…

with a white paint pen and perfect numerical penmanship

Ship out to stores in custom printed db clay cardboard stationary.
Thank you to everyone involved in this multi-tiered process of unique wallet formation.

Garett Croft Stenson



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