October 20, 2008

Version 1

Gary Gray hiding faces

Our Gary Gray wallet was built blank so that buyers could be creative and print their own piece of pocket art. The overall idea being, you can buy one of our designs or you can design/paint your own, etc. Our logo is gray. A lot of Tyler’s folkmusic songs say the word gray in them. Being a fan of gray used to sound depressing, but, now when I look at gray, all I see is warm butter and bread to break and spread it on.

Benjamin’s self proclaimed and proudest Photo-shopping moment.

“OMG Larry, did you see that guy jump off that bridge, like OMG!?!?!?”

Tyler reading a wallet rather than a book.

The insides of Gary Gray spread open. Tightly stitched black thread.

Backdrop is water tanker in N Portland. Made my bracelet from recycled suspenders I bought at Value Village.

Garett Croft Stenson



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