October 20, 2008

Version 1

Version 1 Point-of-Purchase concepts

Merchandising wallets well is tough. How are they best displayed? On a rack? In a bowl? In gray gift boxes on the counter next to the cash register for the impulse consumer? I don’t know either. For years, we’ve debated the best point of sale merchandising solution for our wallets. There is so much we wanted to say. We wanted the customer to be able to pick up and hold the piece. We wanted to tell the story behind each one. We wanted to add value and show the little touches of care we’d sprinkle on each piece. Then priced at $55-85, we needed to prove to our customers that our wallets were worth pulling the trigger… durable, limited edition, functional, timeless. Below are some images of point of purchase display mock-ups I made during the Version 1 days.

Crowded with Machinery
Painted by Alex Steckly, only 50 made
Stencil, spray caps, end wallet shown

Dammasch wallet
Concept by Garett Stenson
Authentic x-ray tablet pulled from abandon mental hospital: www.dammasch.com
Poolside ivy shot taken by Graeme Mitchell

Clunky ol’ mock-up showcasing limited edition lineup

Cut up grid rack displaying the whole collection at once

Garett Croft Stenson



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