October 19, 2008

Version 3

Boxcutter by Day, Songwriter by Night.

(18) months my younger, Tyler, my little brother has worked with me on db clay since I can remember. I think it’s been like 45 years? Regardless, Tyler and me have worked long hours at db clay together. Tyler was the VP of Operations for years and he was vitally integral in the shaping of db clay over the years. He kept me in check. He brought stability and reason to the situation.

Tyler has been facilitating operations at the db clay offices for over half a decade, but all the while, his passion has been songwriting and we all knew/know it. He’s headlined multiple marquee bills, he’s won the Portland singer/songwriter of the year award twice, he’s put out half a dozen albums and he’s definitely evolved his craft that is songwriting. He’s been a big help to db clay, and is now moving on… he is for hire on the songwriting front! Have a private holiday party coming up? A wedding? A corporate event? An intimate evening with friends, hosting a dinner party?

Hire Tyler the songwriter and your guests will never be the same. Click to find his MUSIC.

Below is Tyler cutting some cardboard in our warehouse. Dude is bad A. He doesn’t even need a heater in the winter. He’s had a beard for a decade. He has a scar on his cheek from when an Army Ranger bit his cheek and attacked him in Alabama. He has dents and cauliflower ears, but, if you dive into his music, you’ll realize he is just about as sensitive as it gets.

Don’t you ever wonder what the other side of the room looks/looked like in a picture? The picture above only gives you part of the story. The picture below shows what the rest of the world looked like surrounding Tyler at the time this shot was taken. I wonder what the ceiling looks like? The floor? Unfortunately, I don’t have those pics…

Garett Croft Stenson



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