October 19, 2008


From studio to street market

For ’bout half a decade, I (or someone working with/for me) would go down and run a booth at the Portland Saturday Market underneath the Burnside Bride. We also attended numerous/additional street markets such as the Folk Life Festival, The Bellevue 6th Street Fair and the Bumbershoot in Seattle. We did a lot of shows. All of which required product to be hand made for entry and resale. Years later, we weren’t allowed to sell our wallets at most shows considering we now had/have mostly manufactured products.

Below is the routine of making wallets and selling them at street markets. Here’s how it went:

Hand make Wallet in workshop.

(Old workshop/studio in St. Johns)

Living room in Canby. Stocked up on hundreds of wallets. Ready to go sell at market.

Sold wallets by the butt load. Some got stolen. Thief or patron, everyone loved them.

This kids first wallet is a db clay. He has a bright future ahead of him.

One time, a storm drain near our 10×10 booth overflowed due to excessive rain. The days in the rain were always a gamble. We all had our own tricks for making it work. Fortunately for me, my product was waterproof (Made from Duct Tape at the time).

Garett Croft Stenson



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