October 19, 2008

The story of db clay

What’s our logo going to be?

All lower case.

Early on, now I’m talking early on, I looked accross an eight foot table and I asked Mr. Diggles what he thought our logo should look like. We both sat their stumped. The first appetizing tangent we chewed on was the idea of making a potted plant our logo. We thought a potted plant might somehow showcase the seemingly symbiotic relationship between nature and the city. A living plant being held in a man made device, blah, blah, blah, etc. That idea never flew.

At the same time, we were trying to decide what to name ourselves. Initially, we were going to call ourselves “Ductbills Clay.” But, after Ms. Frey advised otherwise, we shortened it to just “db clay.” I’m glad we did. Ductbills is a mouth full.

In the end, to keep it simple safe and universal, we went with a boring ol’ gray circle. I will have to address the purpose behind choosing the circle in a separate post- For now, pictured below is some early mock-ups of logo creation… before any of this really got started:





Garett Croft Stenson



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