October 15, 2008

The story of db clay

a TRIBUTE to db clay.

The video above represents how this whole db clay wallet journey got started in the first place. But me’ friends, that is just the tip of the iceberg… a long wallet story made short below:

I began hand making wallets back in the sticky summer of 1998. I simply made them as a hobby at first and gave them out as novelty gifts to those close to me. I then moved back to Portland, they soon caught on fire, and I immediately found myself asking the question, “How do I make these things better and faster?”

Over the years I perfected my craft. I contacted suppliers and began ordering custom materials. I started running a booth at a Portland street market- I started hustling wallets to anyone who would listen. I hired on my brother and other close friends. Our show stopping wallets were selling so well that I decided to start an actual business to back it up. Several years and nearly 30,000 personally hand made wallets later, I decided I couldn’t make them anymore… my mind and hands were tired. It was time to transition to the next level… it was time to turn the formerly called “Ductbills” into “db clay.”

In 2004, I decided to hire my best friend Benjamin to join my brother and me at the helm. We took out our first business loan, set out to establish full scale manufacturing, ramped up and attended our first tradeshow… and the rest is history. From day 1, we came screaming out of the gates and the entire time, we simply were forced to figure it out. After all, we had never run a business before. We soon got manufacturing up and running, we hired more people, we attended more tradeshows, we garnered global press coverage and in less than 3 years we had successfully brought a one of a kind product to market and our new and improved wallets were being distributed in 500+ retailers worldwide.

This TRIBUTE website is dedicated to the journey summarized above.

Garett Croft Stenson



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