October 9, 2008


Living Room Chaos.

Garett Living Room
In the early days of db clay (circa 2004), the living room in my home operated both as a warehouse, a screen-printing facility and a museum for all me trinkets. It was gnarly. As pictorially indicated above, my living was a Tasmanian-devil-mess which is not my typical style. I am typically neat and tidy, but, let’s just say, this was a period of my life where everything was madness. Everything was being blown by a hurricane. Everything was moving quickly… Let’s just say, I am certainly glad to have moved on from that era.
Garett Living Room
Pictured above is a cross-section of Puzzle Batch #1… flashing forward, we just sold our last Puzzle Batch #3 wallet today! The entire sold out pocket art show can be browsed here.

Garett Croft Stenson



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