October 5, 2008

Childhood Memories

Dear Dad, Halloween, etc.

Me pops is an architect and he is coming to town early next week to meet with a Portland-based design firm he’s been working with on some big “downtown development project.” Indeed, I am excited he’s coming, and on that note, I decided to do a post about him today.

Since I can remember, my dad has worked hard. Having a double digit count of kids has definitely kept his plate full the entire. Growing up, during one period in particular, I remember him working out of town in Seattle- he’d commute every week to make ends meet. I also remember a time when the architecture industry dried up in Wyoming and he ventured out west to Oregon in pursuit of work. He found a job in Portland and in second grade, I moved with him and the rest of the family ‘cross country.

Another fond memory I have is that my dad’s birthday falls shortly after Halloween. Oddly enough, his birthday lands on the same day every year. And in lieu of gifts, all he wanted for his birthday was some of our hard earned trick-or-treat candy. He wanted about 5 pieces from each of us and he loved chocolate and peanuts. Lots of good memories…
Red jumpsuit character I drew in 1986.
Blue jumpsuit Superman I drew in 1990. Of note, I colored him in with my dad’s markers. Dad had a really fancy set of architecture markers that came in about 700 billion colors. They were fun to color with.
During one of my dad’s periods of work related absence, I wrote him the note below.
The letter reads as follows:

Hi dad how are you doing. I hope you find a good house. I love you and miss you to. And gess what I allmost ate all of my trick- or- treating candy. Mom is sending you treats from JARED, TYLER, KYLE, GARETT, CHELSEA and we sent you all kinds of GOODIES. Like SNICKERS, HERSHEYS with ALMONS, and M&M,S and so forth. Mom really misses you BAD! I do to but not quite as much as mom does.
All of the other little boys miss you too.

And guess what I got one A+ and all the rest were A,s. Aren,t you glad. Mom sure is.
And I hope you come home soon.

Dad I miss you. And guess what I was count = dracala.

Mom ses I am trying to be a good boy.

Look read down –> P.S. I LOVE YOU,
from Garett: to dad

Garett Croft Stenson



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