September 29, 2008


Clothes and hair coming off

Me weekend was filled with a variety of life experiences. The peak was prolly’ attending my 10-year High School Reunion on Saturday. Below are some other random highlights that happened to me:
I watched/studied a lot of the “Bailout” discussions. Indeed, these are wild times. Image above represents what our country looks like right now from my view. According to my pal Bruce, “we are a wet rag being rung out right now.”
I went for some long walks on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was so pretty in Portland. The sun is shining but at the same time, leaves are falling. Oddly enough, I happened across a lot of abandoned clothes on my journey through town. For some reason, there was exorbitant amount of clothes left on the street. Above is a pink jacket I walked by…
Above is a blue shoe I walked by.
Above is a gray sock I walked by.
Above is my hair in a Ziploc bag. You see, on Sunday evening, I shaved my head, to start anew, and I kept my brown clippings for some future DNA testing.

Garett Croft Stenson



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