September 15, 2008


Spider Silk and Black Smoke.

I’ve found some good peace of mind lately via the warm embrace of doodling. Of late, it has provided me a bit of an odd comfort. An outlet of sorts. An unbiased companion and a mighty distraction for my brain’s typical roaring. Doodling is an attempt to pictorially articulate my minds banter by putting pen to paper and simply letting it all pour out. Sometimes it makes sense and most of the time it doesn’t. I suppose it is just an exercise for me. A way to document my mind for others to see. For example…
Spider Silk and Black Smoke
Sitting on my front porch Saturday morning. I had just woken up. I was reading the paper and I was watching a big spider spin his web just above where I sat. A younger me would have caught the spider and put him in a jar. This time, years later, I just let him be and do his thing.
Black Smoke
Image above was drawn late August. Someone special to me told something awful to me and it may as well have been black smoke coming out of their mouth. It burnt my lungs and it blurred my eyes a bit. But now its ok.
Color Myself In
Last drawing. A couple weeks back, I was sitting in a moving chair staring at the choppy ocean. I closed my eyes, rubbed them a bit, and on the back of my eyelids I saw an outline of a character similar to this one drawn here. I also saw light bursts and little spots of black and white.

Garett Croft Stenson



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