September 5, 2008


Last Alaska Mention for the Week.

This week has been dedicated to Alaska (and my recent trip there)- me think its about time to start giving other places some love again. Maybe next week will be dedicated to Chicago? Or China? Or maybe just my quaint little apartment in Northwest Portland? But before I go somewhere else…

Below are some images me drawn/seen on said recent trip:

As mentioned yesterday, I hope to get into carving lumber someday. In the meantime, I am just going to draw and make up my own totem-pole-style characters- perhaps put my own twist on it. I will try to keep my faces positive… I have a tendency to draw things that are mad/evil. Maybe some smiles wouldn’t hurt for a change?
Walked on a glacier. Walked on dirt. Walked on colorful carpet. I wonder what kind of carpet pad is under there? I bet it is purrrrdy.
Whether wet or dry, wood is wonderful.
My table reminded me of our Version 3.1 Lace Wallet… but I will tell you, I rarely thought about wallets while in Alaska. I mentally checked out for a bit and tried not to stew over my wallet riddles too much. It was a nice break but I am indeed excited to be back at it.
More flooring I saw. Reminded of Puzzle Wallet #189! Ok, maybe I thought about wallets a lot while there… who am I kidding!?!?!?!?!?!

Garett Croft Stenson



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