September 4, 2008


Alaska, Post 4 of Many.

More photos from my recent trip to Alaska below…
Me took a helicopter ride up and down into the middle of a 12 mile glacier.
Image above is the view I saw out the helicopter’s window as we circled for a spot to land our birdie.
The dark gray blur in the upper left corner of this image is actually the propeller of the helicopter-
This was my first time flying in one.
While visiting this big state, I caught a lot of “big production shows.”
The red curtains were wrinkly and rich.
A sunset one evening pictured here.
Just a sliver of sun left.
When I got home, as per usual when back from a trip, I did some laundry.
It feels so good to lay down and sleep atop clean sheets.
Indeed, I missed my bed at home. But, I will tell you, since returning, my dreams have been a bit unsettling. I’d like to call them “stirrings.”

Garett Croft Stenson



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