February 6, 2007


Justin’s Birthday Present, a Buster card case.

NE Broadway

I’m heading to the Shanghai Tunnel Tavern/Bar in about 2 hours to celebrate my pal Justin’s 29th Birthday. Justin is big deal for dbclay.com, he designed it from day 1 with Matt King and Mr. Diggles. These 3 gents are a big reason db clay is so into technology these days. I admire their minds greatly. I am going to give Justin a hand painted Gaffers Tape Card Case for his birthday gift (surprise!). It was hand screened by our Printmaker Pluto in silver and black. I give a lot of wallets as gifts, I always have…especially back in the early Duct Tape wallet days when I needed the practice.

We are finishing up the new catalogue for db clay Version 3, it is going to be dope. Above image is working concept for our new Broadway wallet…coming June 1. I am very excited for 2007, my thoughts are much clearer these days and Justin has been a big influence on me since about March of 2005.

Garett Croft Stenson



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