July 11, 2008

Version 1

Rated PG, for Pink Gaffers.

Gaffers Tape
Without disclosing too many specifics surrounding the Patent Pending nature of the process we invented, whereby we transform traditional Gaffers Tape (into a wallet), I wanted to share the above image to give you an approximate idea of how it’s done. Simply:

Thread + Gaffers Tape + Ink/Paint + Magic = db clay Patent Pending Wallet

However, for the most part, we no longer manufacture our wallets out of Gaffers Tape. Instead, we spent about 40 million years developing our own custom textile that is no longer adhesive based…we call said textile Tope. Now, the only place you can find Gaffers Tape in our product arsenal is two fold:

1. The exterior shell of our Puzzle Collection and our Ms. Frey wallets is hand painted Gaffers Tape
2. Several Gaffers Tape Wallets can be found in our dead billfolds graveyard under the Version 1, 2 and Handmade Clay headlines

Garett Croft Stenson



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