July 10, 2008

Version 2

This Sky, Serendipity, etc.

OK, the summary, I am a hardened, gnarled old man these days. In particular, the last three and a half years of operating db clay (at a hundred miles an hour) has taken its toll on me. A toll similar to smoking about 10,000 packs of cigarettes…twice…and then putting each one of them out on my tongue. Now, I must preface this post by saying that the toll I speak of isn’t necessarily a bad one. I actually, in a weird way, have enjoyed the struggle. I’ve enjoyed climbing the learning curve. I’ve enjoyed the uncertainty each day has brought me. I’ve enjoyed the time spent, and the hours logged, and the minutes moved, and the seconds soaked in db clay broth. I am a better person because of it.
I have evolved over the years and so has our product. We’ve gone through several phases and iterations of creative development. Our vision, hasn’t necessarily changed, moreover, it has been refined. It took us multiple years to realize what db clay really represents. Simply, the vision is transforming life experiences into products. For example, pictured here, is a photo our pal Graeme took several years ago when db clay was just a baby. We called it “This Sky” and it appeared in our Version 2 collection.
Now, back to the reason I started this post…I wanted to share a recent experience I had. By recent, I mean last weekend. As mentioned, db clay has been hard on me. My body has felt it. But more noticeably, my mind has felt it. I was having a particularly hard time on Sunday. I was experiencing doubt. I was experiencing anxiety. I was experiencing self reflection. I was crunching some serious variables regarding db clay (the gory details of which I won’t get into right now). Bottom line is that June and July have been the hardest months yet, for a variety of reasons, and all of it seemed to culminate on Sunday. I was racking my brain for a solution. I was deep in thought. I was trying to figure it out. I don’t pray, but hell, I even considered that. I needed something and I didn’t know what. Then, all of the sudden, standing in line at some random pizza-by-the-slice joint in NE Portland, I found the sign I was looking for. The guy in line in front of me (with his wife and kid) pulled out a Version 2 This Sky wallet to pay for his pie. I spotted it instantly. And then, if that wasn’t enough, the guy behind me in line pulled out a Version 3 Feathers wallet to pay for his. I was sandwiched by two db clay wallets in a pizza shop on a day that I was particularly doubting myself and the possibilities of db clay. The clouds lifted, my brain’s fog went away, and I found peace knowing that I am on the right path.

Garett Croft Stenson



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