July 9, 2008


The Very First Order Form.

Duct Tape Wallet Order Form
Yesterday, I was giving an interview, and I was being asked several questions regarding how this whole wallet project began in the first place. The quick answer is…I don’t know. However, it definitely caused me to think back, reflect, and dig up some old bodies and memories relating to my hand made wallet making days of yore. Come to think of it, I could probably write an entire book, but, for your sake and mine, I will spare the gory details as they are many and scattered and lost.

I wanted to thank Mr. Diggles‘ cousin Gerren for spearheading this first “Ductbills” Order form with me. At the time, we were all living in a dumpy rental house in Canby, Oregon. Gerren and I sat in the basement, booted up his computer, and put together the order form pictured above. We printed out a couple dozen copies and took them into the restaurant where we worked together. Immediately, people started ordering them by the handful, and so, it all began.

Discovering this order form in my archives brought a big grin to my face. We thought we were so cool. I love all the one liners, and the names we gave to the colors. For god’s sake, we couldn’t just say “red”…no, we had to call it INFERNO! Comedy. I pretty much chalk this entire order form up to naivety, youth filled ambition, creative enthusiasm, and simply, a learning experience. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into…but I suppose, my friends, that is indeed the best part.

To celebrate our punk filled roots, and to keep our hand made wallet dream alive, we designed a Kit that allows you, and everyone you know, to make your own wallet. Cheers to memories and growing up.

Garett Croft Stenson



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