July 7, 2008


Co-Dependence Day.

Rubber Ball
Over the long holiday weekend, not only did I attend a couple of BBQ/parties, but I also finalized the big move into my new apartment. I spent most of the day Friday (and the entire weekend for that matter) rearranging my new place…deep cleaning, hanging up art, deciding what drawer my forks should go in, etc. While doing so, and in the process of moving, I came across many a trinket that I had tucked in some random box, tucked in some random junk drawer. One trinket in particular that caught my eye was this wildly colorful rubber ball. This spherical object looked like a tiny planet. I bounced it a couple of times and then, as I should have done with most of my other junk, I threw it away.
Portland Fireworks
On Friday night, I ended up going to a friend’s BBQ being hosted on the South Waterfront. We had a great view of the downtown fireworks show from his 21st floor apartment. A stunning view indeed.
Cut Foot
After the fireworks show, and after a few tall cold ones, I decided to walk home to my new apartment (rather than drive). It was about 2am and I walked about 4 miles…from SW to NW. It was definitely a hike, but a beautiful walk nonetheless. I was wearing sandals and they ended up rubbing a big gash in my foot.

Garett Croft Stenson



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