July 3, 2008

Version 3.1

Cat Carpet, Revisited.

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, I have officially moved out of my hotel room downtown and into a quaint lil’ neighborhood nook in deep NW. Let’s call my recent move an upgrade. My new place is great, however, upon move in, I noticed that the carpet smelled like feline urine. Not good. The prior tenant obviously had a cat that thought the entire bedroom was its own personal litter box. Not good. Considering the cat piss trauma I experienced in my childhood, I was not about to let this pungent aroma go unnoticed. Long story short, my landlord agreed to replace the carpet, and the carpet pad, in my new place this morning- Thank dog backwards. Once the new carpet is in, I will begin the process of settling into my domicile.

Image above is an instant message conversation I had with Mr. Diggles the day after I moved in (pardon the cuss words mom).
Similar to colorful carpet padding, during my move I came across an old pair of multi-colored underwear I had stashed away. My friend has been selling her tie-dye wears at the Portland Saturday Market for a couple of decades. One day she told me to bring her a blank article of clothing for her to dye…Rather than a shirt, I decided to bring her a pair of my tighty-whities. We both laughed, and to this day, I still bust these out for special occasions.

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