June 9, 2008

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Ms. Frey Marble: Saturday Printing Session

Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallets
Over the weekend, on Saturday afternoon in particular, I came into the studio and hand printed Ms. Frey Marble, Batch #1. Getting these done has been on my list for quite some time…I finally made some time on Saturday to bust these out. Image above is one of the completed prints- and one of my favorites.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallet
Each wallet was printed with flexible acrylic paints. Flexible, as to avoid cracking/chipping.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallet
All (100) wallets I printed are completely one of a kind. A cross section of the lot pictured here.
Patent Pending Gaffers Tape Wallet
Another one of my favorites…so pretty indeed. I can’t wait to carry one.

Garett Croft Stenson



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