June 6, 2008

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Mysterious Neighbor Carpet.

Carpet Padding
The unisex beast that lives across the hall from me, in my hotel building downtown, got new carpet yesterday. I have never met said neighbor. I’ve lived there for 18 months now and I’ve never seen this person emerge from their apartment. There was this one time though…I was returning from the grocery store, and I heard my neighbor coming out of its hole (for the first time). I sneakily peered back through the peep hole in my door with the goal of catching a glimpse of this person- Catching a glimpse of my neighbor. They opened the door, peered out, looked left, looked right, and then scurried down the hall. I can’t quite describe how they looked. They were wearing a big, baggy, over sized t shirt. They had a hair-do the size of a small elephant. I couldn’t see their face but I could see inside their apartment. I saw stacks and stacks of magazines. I saw stacks and stacks of garbage. I saw a hoarder in its element. I saw my neighbor for the first time.

OK, enough rambling about my mysterious neighbor. They got new carpet and that should be good enough. At least we have that in common…even if we’ve never met.

Garett Croft Stenson



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