June 4, 2008

The story of db clay

Panel Discussion: AMA

American Marketing Association
Last month, circa May 22 at 10:20am, I took part in a guest panel forum discussion thing-ee-ma-jig hosted by the American Marketing Association. The event took place at the Portland Art Museum. The topic of discussion: non traditional marketing practices.

I wore a black suit pinned with a red ribbon corsage (that read “SPEAKER”), I held a microphone, I twitched nervously, and I spoke about my experiences in marketing to date. All in all, it was a good experience, and a good chance to get the words “db clay” in front of hundreds of people- I’ll take any chance I can get. I feel like a pastor. A preacher. A db clay evangelist of sorts.

Click here to read more event details.

Garett Croft Stenson



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