May 26, 2008

Little Awkward

“You brake, you lose”

That quote was told to me in a conversation with Graeme over the weekend. I think he told me it was something one of his old bike coach’s used to say to him; original origin of quote unknown. Below is a recent image reel of my 2,000 mile, 3 day drive/sprint to St. George to visit my family and sell wallets for the Memorial Day Weekend. My sister who owns Shade Clothing hosted the event and helped db clay out a ton- thanks to all who helped the sale go well. It was surely sample sale madness- women buying by the hundreds, if not thousands. I’m not kidding. Don’t worry if you missed it, we are hosting another SALE in Portland this week.
St George
I covered black pavement, blue sky and (3) different states in about thirty sum’ odd hours
I crossed the 45th parallel (half the distant between N Pole and Equator)
St. George
Me got a flat tire in a town called Rupert, after midnight
I called an emergency tire service to come fix my flat
A nail had punctured my rubber on the highway
It cost me $300 to repair; I got to my final destination at about 4:30am
One of my sisters was in the car with me at the time…
we just looked at each other
St. George
Me came into the office Monday and brainstormed the week ahead on white board
With blue pen
I cleaned it off with ball of Windex covered paper towel
I was writing out a final action item list; I was planning our 10 year anniversary launch party this Thursday!
St. George\
Me spit seeds almost the entire time
Me blared me music and had my window rolled down
We’ve all been there right?
St. George
You break you lose, etc

Garett Croft Stenson



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