May 20, 2008

Version 3.1

Let me out of here.

Dead Bird
The image above is dedicated to our Slow Bugs Wallet, from Version 3.1, as well as our Feathers Wallet, from Version 3. You might go as far as saying this image could be called “Slow Birds”, if combining these two designs was an option? Slow Bugs + Feathers = Slow Birds?
Yesterday morning, a few of us were a bit startled when this cute little birdy flew into our warehouse and began slamming his head into our windows as he tried to get back outside. He was trapped and he knew it…he was flying around in a panic, doing whatever he could do to get out. We did our best to help him, but our 40 foot ceilings made this a bit of a challenge. We couldn’t reach him. We opened all our windows, we threw balled up socks at him…we tried to find him a way out. But alas, he wouldn’t budge, he just sat up in our rafters, nearly 40 feet in the air, simply waiting to die.
I walked into the office this morning and found our little trapped friend dead on the floor of our studio. He apparently fell to his death in the middle of the night. He apparently gave up. He apparently pooped all over our filing cabinet and carpet before plunging to his peaceful death.
I hope he is now flying around in bird heaven somewhere; I wish I could join him.

Garett Croft Stenson



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