April 14, 2008


PDX to JFK to PDX.

Last night I returned from a 4-day stint in NYC. I was there visiting my friend Graeme (who had a photo shoot scheduled while I was there) and I also took care of some db clay business related matters. All in all, I had a marvelous time biting the big apple- it was a good chance to hit a personal reset button and to reflect on the west coast. Below is an image I took outside a bakery on Bleeker.
New York City Travel

Bridges, parks, buildings…as far as the eye could see.
New York City Travel
The first day I arrived was spent conducting sales training with a national rep agency we recently signed up. They will be representing both our db clay and myDuctbills product lines. They go by the name Keena and they cover the entire US. We are excited to be working with them indeed- below is a picture of their building in Brooklyn…their showroom is on the third floor.
New York City Travel

Garett Croft Stenson



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