March 14, 2008

Version 3

Golden Locks Creepy?

Eco Friendly Designer Wallets

Yesterday afternoon, I had a phone interview with a sweet lady from the Chicago Tribune.  We spoke for about an hour regarding the ins, the outs, and the story behind the shape shifting of db clay.  It was a good talk and we covered a lot of ground-  Her article is scheduled to run mid April.
One thing brought up during our conversation was the Golden Locks wallet we are currently offering in our Version 3 collection of wallets.  Although intrigued, she did use the word “creepy” to describe it- we both laughed.  I explained to her that people either get this wallet, or they don’t.   My intention was to not be creepy, moreover, conceptual…almost wood grain’esque…brown and black and textured. By definition, your interpretation is up to you.

Garett Croft Stenson



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