March 13, 2008

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Cat, Cow, Downward Dog, etc

Portland Yoga Classes
My friend Tanya runs a company called “Recess Fitness…” Her business model is to teach overall wellness, in particular, Yoga. She specializes in selling packages to companies looking for a group plan for their employees. db clay just might take her up on this.

Yesterday morning, at 7:30am, she taught me and (5) others the beauty of her trade- this was my third attempt at Yoga and the best class I’ve been to yet. Though unstable and shaky, I managed to pull it off and I feel great today.

Tanya had a smooth methodology for her teaching…she used creative words and imagery to paint the idea of us being in tune with our bodies. She used phrases like, “pretend your heart has a flashlight inside it…point it at the ceiling…” – For the first time, I understood.
If you run a company, and want to strengthen the minds and bodies of your staff, check it out: Recess Fitness

Garett Croft Stenson



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