February 14, 2008


I love Ms. Frey Red…oh, and Cellophane too.

About three years ago I was working on a Valentine’s Day promotion for db clay (pictured here). I found this little white bear wearing a heart laden bib at a thrift store in SE Portland. For some reason, which I can’t recall why, I got the urge to dunk and splatter its cute little face with wet paint. Pink paint, white paint and red spray paint. This odd and lovely promotion never surfaced but below is a behind the scenes look at what could have been- Mr. Bear guarding Ms. Frey Red…a limited edition wallet which can now be found in our dead billfolds section along with other paint covered objects.
Valentines Day

Speaking of things related to love, last night I attended a yearly contest sponsored by the Portland Songwriters Association. This competition involved 10 finalists playing two songs each. My little brother, who won the contest last year, followed up this year to defend his crown. He played two original songs and came home with another victory. “Portland’s Songwriter of the Year” two year’s in a row…Not bad Tiny. Lyrics to Cellophane below.

Garett Croft Stenson



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