January 25, 2008


2 dollar billz for blood.

Make Your Own Duct Tape Wallet
Hey y’all…me started making wallets out of colored Duct Tape back in 1998. This all took place on my apartment counter top, during my first summer away at College. That was about 10 years ago I think.

Money was tight. To make ends meet and earn a living at the time, I would pedal my bike down to the local “PLASMA DONATION CENTER,” let these young eastern Idaho medical technicians extract my blood (my Plasma) and they would pay me $35 to donate twice a week. Oddly enough, they paid me in $2 bills for my blood. It was the weirdest thing that I never figured out the answer two. These no-longer-in-print-bills they paid me with were the crispest currency I have ever seen.

I kept about 6 of them; I stashed them in my dresser drawer. I also kept a couple scars two.
I still have a plasma-needle-caused scar on the inside of my left arm where the big fat needle use to draw my blood. After each donation session, and only after I got paid some cash, I would take my new blood money over to the local true value hardware store, buy as many rolls as I could of twenty yard colored duct tape. I would then go buy a few groceries, load up my bike and pedal as fast as I could home to make my wallets. I would then sell them to anyone who wanted one. Everyone wanted one and so I had to figure out the quickest, and most efficient way, to make them.  About a year ago, I decided to give away my (once private) duct tape wallet making secrets and newly crafted personal inventions- These days, I now have all these Duct Tape Wallet secrets packaged up in the form of a do-it-yourself kit in which people can now make their own wallet.  And scream, “It’s mine because I made it!”
I made about 30,000 of these wallets before I decided to retire from the Duct Tape Wallet Making Game. If I can give my blood to strangers, the least you could do is to give up $20 bucks to support the cause right? That’s only like ten two dollar bills…My left arm thanks you two.
-Garett Croft Stenson

Garett Croft Stenson



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