January 18, 2008

Version 3

Life is Not Calm.

Being away in Asia these last few weeks has afforded me a rare chance to reflect on my position regarding Portland, db clay and life right now. I am glad I came here (and got away for a while) as it’s given me a chance to unplug, look back, think, dissect, and really ponder what course of action I’m going to take when I get back home in a few days. In doing so, I’ve determined that it is time to grow up and it’s time to move forward from the good ol’ days. Up until now, I haven’t been able to let go of the past which has blurred my perception and ability to tackle the future. I’ve been caught in my own immature net and simply, I realized I have previously been young and soft and naive. I recently came across a small writeup my buddy Graeme posted on his website, a while back, and it sparked something new in me. It made me realize that we have something special going for us and we need to own it rather than squander in its chaos.  It is now time to really travel for the first time in my life…literally, emotionally, metaphorically and maturely. It is time to move on from the P.S.M. mindset I once held so dear.

New York photo below by Graeme Mitchell. Let’s just call it the head of our Whipping Tail wallet.

Lights of Spain wallet photo below by Graeme Mitchell.
Amateur China photo below by Garett Croft Stenson.

Garett Croft Stenson



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