January 11, 2008

Travel, Version 3.1

Flying around a round world; don’t bug me.

Hello everyone. I hop on a plane tonight and will be gone for a few weeks (so I may not post for a while). My goal is to unplug and digest 2007 during my imminent stay abroad. I hope to come back with a fresh perspective on 2008…I am in need of hitting the reset button and I need to shed some old skin just like a snake would do. I am flying to Asia to work on Version 3.1 wallets as well as Version 3.2 and our upcoming Version for women.

I’m right there with you Ferdinand. I hope you’re right, otherwise I might be falling off the edge. If I do, I hope db clay will tell the world my story.
Ferdinand Magellan

Garett Croft Stenson



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