January 8, 2008


db clay HQ.

db clay World Headquarters
This ol’ chump (yours truly) will be jet setting to Asia on Friday; I will be gone for about a dozen days. Though I am indeed excited to go, I am surely going to miss my dear, red bricked home while away. Every morning I get to work, I walk up this steel cat walk, do a turn, and smile because I love our space so much. It is always so quiet and surreal feeling out here. Almost as if not in Portland.

The building pictured above is in fact db clay’s World Headquarters- image was shot by Mr. Diggles for the back page of upcoming Version 3.1 Catalogue. On a related note, I will be finalizing Version 3.1 samples while on my trip overseas. I will also be laying the groundwork for Version 3.2 and Version 4.0 (db clay for version for women)…these are truly busy times for db clay. Crucial, and back breaking, to say the least. I think my body is undergoing the process of cashing its last gut check. Me’ hope it doesn’t bounce.
Though you must wait for V 3.1, V 3.2 and V 4.0, you can definitely pick up V 3.0 wallet now!

Garett Croft Stenson



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