December 18, 2007


Made 3 tri-folds last night for Grandma.

Duct Tape Wallet
It seems like I haven’t personally hand-made a wallet in several decades, when in reality, it has probably only been a few months since my last creation. I have been so focused on pushing Version 3 manufactured wallets (and our myDuctbills Kit) that I haven’t sat down with a razor blade and a roll of Duct Tape in a long time. Psychologically I think I am afraid of what it might do to me again…I’ve been down that rabbit hole before and I know what it just might to do to my brain…I can’t go back to the days of isolationism.

However, last night was different. My sweet ol’ Grandma has been hounding me to make some hand-made wallets for her and her best friends for almost a year now. I keep telling her that I don’t really make these kinds of wallets anymore…and she keeps telling me, “I still like your Duct Tape ones…I am not into all the fancy new ones you’re doing…I just want a Duct Tape one…” Leave it to Grandma to still want the original.  Maybe for the sake of nostalgia or maybe because she lives in Wyoming.
Long story short, I made 3 duct tape tri-folds last night for her and I’ll be surprising her with them on xmas morning. I think she will like them. I made a burgundy one. And I made an olive one. And I made a navy and orange one so that she accessorize with her favorite football team outfit (The Denver Broncos).

If you have never seen one of my Duct Tape tri-folds, this video my Brother Tyler and I put together might help explain what I am talking ’bout a bit better. Or if you want to make your own, I suggest you pick up one of our inventive kits that pretty give away everything that was once trapped in my skull.

Garett Croft Stenson



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